Thursday, September 6, 2012

Thoughts From Haiti Part 3

As a little 11 month old baby fell asleep in my arms I thought, "Now THIS is trust!"  You have to REALLY trust someone to fall asleep in their arms.  It goes beyond casual acquaintance, beyond friendship.  When you sleep in someones arms it is total trust.  You are trusting them to care for you, to protect you from harm and keep you safe while you rest.   As a I stared down at this beautiful child of God sleeping in my lap I became fully aware that THIS is the kind of child-like faith Christ wants from us.

He wants us to trust Him so completely we will rest in His arms.  To trust Him to the point that we KNOW He will care for us, protect us, and keep us safe from harm.  He calls us to lay in His everlasting arms and just rest.

A very young child, like the baby in my arms will trust like that.  They even trust a stranger because they haven't learned yet not too.  They don't understand the danger in trusting so they give it to you completely.  And they find rest.  But as the child grows things change.  Hurt comes along and trust in others fades.  

I had to earn the trust of the older kids at the orphan villages.  And the older they were, they longer it took.  Sometimes there had simply been too much hurt and too much pain and they just couldn't trust me.  They couldn't let someone else in.  They couldn't look me in the eye or accept my love.  I was a stranger to them, unworthy of trust.  

But the little children, the baby in my arms, they trusted.  They opened their hearts up, they let me in and they fell asleep in my arms.  THAT is child-like faith.  And in return they got love and protection and rest.    We get the same when we allow ourselves to trust in Christ the way this baby trusted me.  When we rest in His everlasting arms we are surrounded by His love and His protection and we can find rest. 

"The eternal God is your refuge, and underneath are the everlasting arms..." Deuteronomy 33:27