Monday, September 17, 2012


I used to love Mondays.  I know that sounds crazy!!!  Who loves Mondays???  But I really do!  At least, I did.  

Maybe it was because it was Monday and no one (but me) likes them.  But for some reason, I never had things scheduled on Mondays, especially Monday mornings.  I would take the older kids to school (while I was still in pjs).  JT would watch a cartoon, I would get in some great quiet time with God.  Then JT and I would go to the gym, he would play with friends, I would get in a great work out.  We would come home and clean, play, hangout.  I would get the mess of the weekend past all cleaned up and behind me and get  ready for the week ahead of me.  I loved Mondays.

Then I started Seminary.  My one class (I know ONLY 1) is on Monday.  The last two Mondays I have woken up at 5:45 am.  I have gotten myself ready, gotten 3 kids ready, packed 3 lunches, taken 2 kids to elementary school, 1 kids to a friends house (she will transport him to preschool), fought rush hour traffic and made it to class by 9.  I have taken notes for 3.5 hours until my brain hurt and my hand cramped.  I have grabbed lunch while reading theology I don't understand.  Then raced to pick up little guy from preschool, hit the grocery store, played for 45 minutes then picked up the older 2.  Raced to the barn for Isabella's riding lessons, crammed in an extra hour of reading more theology (I still don't understand) while the boys played video games.  We have made it home in time to eat the dinner my neighbor made for us (THANK YOU JENN!!!!!!) and got homework (the kids, not mine) all done barely in time for bed.  Then I get to type up my notes and do more reading. 

I no longer like Mondays.

It's not that I thought it would be easy. And I am kind of loving it.  And I know it is only one day.  It is just a day that is DRASTICALLY different than this day used to be.  I miss my Mondays.   

I used to love Mondays.