Friday, October 19, 2012

What You Do When No One is Watching

What do you do when know one is watching?

What do you watch on TV when you're all by yourself?

What do you read when you're the only one there?

Are you the person you claim to be when no one is looking?

Integrity is "a consistency of actions, values, methods, measures, principles, expectations, and outcomes".  It means being the same on the inside as you are on the outside.  All the time.  Even when you are by yourself.  Are you consistent even when there is no one there to hold you accountable?  Are you structurally sound?

This was the subject of my bible study reading this last week.  And as God usually does, he gave me multiple opportunities to practice this VERY thing in the last few days.  Am I going to be the Christian I claim to be? Will I do the right thing even when no one is watching and no one would get hurt?

The first opportunity came mid-week.  We are planning a Disney trip for our kids (OK, OK, so I'M the one who wants to go!!) this coming spring.  The time came to make the reservations and book the tickets and our travel agent asked me "How 10 is your 10 year old?"  Apparently Disney considers 10 year olds adults (seriously???) and her point was if Isabella JUST turned 10 (which she did, LAST WEEK) we could say she was just nine and save a fair amount of money.

Now, no one wants Isabella to be nine more than me.  Trust me this whole turning ten thing has been hard on momma!  But she's not nine, she's ten.  And it would be wrong for me to say she was, when she's not.  Would anyone get hurt? NO.  Would we put Disney out of business or really impact anyone if we just said she was nine and took the discount? NO.    But she's not nine, she's ten.  And I won't lie.  So I told the travel agent she was 10 and we would pay accordingly.  I will be the Christian I claim to be.

Yesterday was a harder one.  I was in a fender bender.  Traffic stopped suddenly at a green light and I rear ended the car in front of me.  No one was hurt (Praise God) and my car was more damaged then hers (another praise).    I desperately want to avoid accountability on this one.  I really do!!!  Traffic can't just stop in the middle of a green light on a four way road!  But it was my fault.  I hit her.  I got the ticket.  My insurance (really I) will pay for the damages.  This one really stinks!  I don't like being in the wrong.  But I was.  And I will take accountability for my actions.  I will be the Christian I claim to be.

In both of those examples there were other people involved, other people watching.  But what about when they aren't?  Will I still be the Christian I claim to be even when no one is watching?