Friday, October 26, 2012

Conversations with God

I had a conversation with God today.

It went something like this...

God:  "That thing you keep holding on to? Yeah, you need to give that up."

Me: (sigh) "Really?"

God:  "Yes, really!"

Me: (sigh again) "But I really like this thing!"

God:  "I know, but it's keeping you from being the person I want you to be"

Me: (triple sigh) "I know.  But I've come so far in the last few years, can't I stop growing just for a little bit?"

God: "No"

Me:  "Yeah, I kind of thought you might say that"

God:  "I have great things planned for you and I want you to be ready for them"

Me:  "I know, and I want that too, but I also kind of really want this thing too"

God:  "But you can't have both"

Me:  "OK but, that "great thing" you planned isn't here yet, so can't I hold onto this until I get there?"

God:  "But you will never get there as long as you hold on to this."

Me: (more sighing) "Yeah, I kind of thought you might say that too."

How much more sun and water do you think I will need before I will be done growing?