Wednesday, January 9, 2013

The Voices in My Head

These are the things I chose not to listen to today as the evil one whispered in my head...

  • you will never accomplish the things you have set out to do
  • so many people have already accomplished what you only hope to do and they did it at a much younger age
  • that novel would be so much more entertaining than the Bible 
  • you are not the mother you should, could or want to be and you never will be.  Your children deserve so much better
  • your children are attention hogs, don't you deserve some time to yourself?
  • your body will never look the way you want it too
  • why don't you just take the day off and do what YOU want to do

These are the things I chose to listen to today as God spoke in my heart...

  • I have a plan for you
  • keep on trying, my timing is perfect 
  • his word speak right to my soul
  • you are the mother I chose for your children, do you doubt my wisdom?
  • my little guy count to "1,000" all by himself (I'm not saying he did it right but it was worth my attention)
  • the kitchen timer ding on a batch of homemade chocolate chip cookies! (who cares what my body looks like those cookies were worth it!)
  • Well done my good and faithful servant