Friday, January 25, 2013


It's been a hard week.  Not necessarily for me or my family, but for SO many people that we know.  

I have been praying for three different families that have young children in the hospital right now.  Three families that I know personally who are struggling and scared in ways I have never experienced before (praise the Lord).

9 year olds shouldn't have to fight for their lives.  Babies shouldn't spend 1/2 of their life in a hospital struggling to breathe.  Young girls shouldn't be hospitalized because of the flu.  Parents shouldn't have to pray that their child's life will be spared.  But sometimes they do kids fight, babies get sick and parents pray.  And all I can do, here in my healthy little house, is pray.  So pray I have done, boldly, faithfully and without ceasing.

Has God answered my prayers?  Honestly?  Yes.  But it has been slow.  Only 1 of the three children have been released from the hospital so far.  Only one slept in her bed last night, only one.  But the other two are healing, slowly, very slowly.  So slowly it may not look like a miracle, but it is a miracle none the less.  The non-believer may look at these two children and say there is no miracle here, this is purely science.  It is the medical field that has healed these children, not God.

That may be true but who created that medical field?  Who created the person that "invented" that life saving instrument?  Who is ultimately in control? Only one...God.  And right now, in a Children's Hospital in Kansas City, he is working miracles.  Not only for the 2 children I am praying for but for every child in every hospital, in every land.  God and God alone is in control and he is healing. And that is a miracle.  Of that I am certain.