Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Pictures in My Mind

The Lundgren family of 5 just returned from our yearly family vacation.  What was different about this one?  This is the first time EVER it has been just us 5!  Generally we vacation with either my parents, my grandma, my older brother, and his family OR with Erik's mom,  his younger sister and her family.  We love this time with grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins.  But this vacation, just the 5 of us, was special.  And I have 452 pictures to prove it!

I know, I know.  That's ALOT of pictures!  But I couldn't help myself.  Believe it or not there were actually times that I put the camera down.  I know it might not sound like it but I did.

Shortly before we left, I was talking to a friend of mine and she mentioned something that really hit home with me.  My friend is an avid photographer MUCH more talented, diligent, and experienced then I am.  She mentioned that she has laid off taking quite as many pictures of her kids lately.  She found that she was missing out on the moment because she was so busy trying to capture it on film (figuratively speaking, I know everything is digital these days).  Wow.  How true though.  Think about it.  How much do you miss viewing the world through the small eye hole of a camera?  Isn't it better to take it all in, the whole panoramic view, with two eyes open wide?

I tried to remember that on vacation and there were times that I put the camera down, picked up a kiddo and just embraced the moment.  I am confident that those moments will live forever in my mind!  And if they don't I still have 452 other ones!