Saturday, July 20, 2013

Who Do You Worship? (2 Kings 17:33)

"They worshiped the Lord, but they also served their own gods in accordance with the customs of the nations from which they had been brought."
2 Kings 17:33

This verse was written about a group of people who lived around 700 BC.  

Yet it continues to be shockingly accurate in  AD 2013.

How is it that something written 2713 years ago can be so true today?

In a gallop poll given in 2012, 78% of the people polled identified themselves as Christians.  That is a good thing.  The problem is that many of these people who claim to be Christians also serve other gods, gods that are part of the customs of our nation.  These gods include things like wealth, popularity, self- obsession, big houses, new cars.  Our nation has determined that these things are good.  They are important, and they will lead to your happiness.   It is our custom to pursue these things passionately.

People rely on wealth rather than God to provide for them.  They put their trust in their bank account.  I am not saying that saving is bad!  Please don't misunderstand me, but if that is your source of comfort and security, it is coming from the wrong place.

Many people so desire to be liked and accepted by the people around them that they follow the crowd more than they follow God.  

The culture of our nation says bigger is better and it is not only okay, but right to spend more money than you have on big houses and new cars.  Unfortunately there is just not enough to go around for God to have his 10%.  

Our nation says what you want and what you need is more important than what your spouse, child, neighbor or church needs.  And you should be happy first, THEN you can work on making others happy.

Our nation says these customs are good, and even though we may believe in God, and call ourselves Christians we also agree with these customs and follow these gods.  Just like the people in Samaria did 2700 years ago.

We go to church on Sunday and we worship God and that is a good thing.  

But on Monday we are back to worshiping these gods too, and that is a problem.

We are told to have no other gods before Him.  But we also should have no other gods after him, beside him, instead of him, next to him, or in addition to him.

He, God, is our one and only TRUE God.  He is the only source of comfort and security.  He is the only place we will find true joy, true acceptance.  He is the only one who can fulfill our longing for more.  

The customs of our nation are wrong.  This isn't a political statement.  I am not going to get into any hot button topics of today.  I am just here to tell you that there is only 1 God.  And HE and HE alone is who you should worship.