Friday, July 12, 2013

Horses and Chariots of Fire

Two of my three children are at church camp right now. 

They are only gone for 48 hours but I have to say it feels much longer than that.  

It is just strange here without them.  I keep looking for them, waiting for them to come check in with me, but they don't.  'Cause they're not here.

I know they are having a wonderful time.  So many of their church friends are with them right now.  They are right where they want to be, right where they need to be.  It is important for them to have this time of independence, away from momma.  

But I miss them.

I am reminded of a verse in 2 Kings (6:17 to be exact), Elijah has gone up to heaven and Elisha has taken his place.  The King of Aram is at war with Israel, but God continues to protect Israel but continually revealing Aram's plans to Elisha, Elisha then warns the King of Israel, and Aram's plans fail.  The King of Aram decides to capture  Elisha, and surrounds the city that Elisha is in.  Elisha wakes up to a city surrounded by the enemy and his servant cries out, "Oh my Lord, what shall we do?"  Elisha replies, "Don't be afraid those who are with us are more than those who are with them."  And then in verse 17 Elisha prays, "O Lord, open his eyes so he may see."  The servants eyes are opened and he sees all the army of God, heavenly hosts with horses and chariots of fire, God's angels protecting them.

That must have been an amazing sight!  Can you imagine it?  I love this image of each one us being surrounded by God's angels, his heavenly hosts.

This is what I am thinking of now.  God's army surrounding my kids, protecting them, with their horses (which Isabella would love) and their chariots of fire (which Nate would think is SO COOL).  God loves my kids even more than I do.  Sometimes I have to remind myself of that, especially when they are away from me.  They were His, long before they were mine.  He only wants what is best for them, and he will protect them with this heavenly hosts with horses and chariots of fire.