Sunday, March 3, 2013


In the spring of 2002, Erik and I lived in this adorable little neighborhood in the Brookside area of Kansas City MO.  We had been married for several years and our neighbors a few doors down asked us to join a small group bible study they were starting with some church friends.  It was designed for newly married couples with no children.  Well, little did they know we were three months pregnant with our first child!  We lived life with that group.  We met every Thursday evening for our study, we spent our weekends together, went to church together, fixed up our houses together, raised our new babies together (within a few years we all had kids).  That group met on a weekly basis for the next 9 years.  They were our community!

Although our busy lives, kids, and distance from each other forced us eventually to stop meeting each and everyone of those people are precious to me.  

Our current bible study has been meeting since the fall of 2010 (I think?)  we see each other at church each Sunday, for study every other Sunday.  I see the women every Thursday at our moms group, I see most of the kids on Wednesday evening at the kids choir practice and a lot of them on Monday and Wednesday when JT goes to preschool.  They are our community!

Do you have a community?

This weekend was all about my community.  I got to have a 3 hour lunch on Saturday with the women from our old Bible Study, women whom I no longer see on a regular basis but still have a heart connection with.  A connection I firmly believe time will never change.  We filled each other in on our lives, shared our struggles, and lifted each other up.  It was such a blessing.

Saturday night we got together with Erik's family to celebrate a birthday.  The kids played with their cousin, the adults filled each other in on our lives and shared our struggles, and lifted each other up.  It is my family community, and it is such a blessing.

This afternoon, in just an hour or two I will go to our current Bible study.  We will fill each other in on our lives, share our struggles, and lift each other up.  What a blessing.

Do you have a community?  

We are called to live in community.  God made us to live a life of community, we need other people, and they need us.  We need others to share our struggles and help carry our burdens.  We need others who will speak truth in to our lives and hold us accountable.  We need others to share our victories and celebrate our joys.  It doesn't matter how extroverted or introverted you are, everyone needs a community.  It is who we are.

Do you have a community?