Monday, March 4, 2013

That's Just How God Works

I spent most of my day today worrying about something that was completely out of my control.  

The outcome of what I was worrying about has already been determined.  And although that outcome has not yet been revealed to me, my worrying about it will in no way effect it one way or another.  

Yet still it took up the majority of my thoughts today.  That is until I got a phone call from one of my mom's dear friends.  

Her son and daughter-in-law recently moved to the Kansas City area (recently, like last week, in the middle of the snow storm!)  Her son had gone back to Colorado to wrap up a few things there and her daughter-in-law was home alone, in a strange city, with her six (yes, 6!!!) kids.  And the baby is sick.  So sick, that momma loaded up all 6 kids and took her to Children's Mercy Emergency Room at 11:00 this morning.  It was now 3:00 in the afternoon, no one had eaten, they didn't know if baby was being admitted or not and momma couldn't even run down to the cafeteria to get food!!  She know NO ONE in the entire metro.  My moms friend, who lives about 4 hours away, asked if there was anyway I could do to help.

You bet!  So I called up a stranger, introduced myself, and asked how I could help.  Could I bring her food? Could I watch her kids for her?(yes I called up a stranger and asked if I could come and take her 5 kids from her!)  What did she need?  We settled on baby holding.  So I drove down to Children's Mercy Downtown and held a sweet, sweet baby, while her momma took a break.  A baby that was so sick she didn't even mind that it was a total stranger holding her and not her momma.  Right before I got there the nurse let  them know baby was doing just fine and would get to go home as soon as they could discharge.  I only spent maybe 45 minutes there but I am SO glad I went.  That momma needed to feel some love! 

I was home in time for dinner, smelling like a baby (and refusing to wash that sweet smell from my hands!) and realized I hadn't worried about my "problem" since I had gotten the call.  Isn't that just how God works.  When you are doing what you are supposed to do, being the hands and feet of Christ, serving others, you tend to forget all the little things that sometimes eat you up.   I was delighted to be used today, and I'm pretty sure I got a bigger reward than the person I was trying to help.  Isn't that just how God works!