Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Out of My Comfort Zone

Today was my new student orientation at seminary.  I chuckle because I am hardly a "new" student.  At least today no one called me old, asked what I taught or confused me with an old lady needing help crossing the street.  

There were a lot of us there, all from different places, all with different dreams.  Some were getting ready to go overseas, some had just gotten in from other states, and some of us call Kansas City home.  Some were just married, some just met their roommate for the first time, and a few of us have families.  Some were there because they already knew they wanted lead a church, some wanted to be counselors and some, like me, weren't quite sure what they were going to do.   But we all sat together, got to know each other, and shared our stories.   

We were all different, none of them looked like me.  And for the first time (quite possibly the first time EVER), I rejoiced in that.  I was...I am... officially out of my comfort zone!  And that is EXACTLY where I want to be!  God has really been writing this on my heart this summer.  To get out of my comfort zone, meet people who aren't like me, spread his love and his message to others.  Ok, so probably seminary isn't where I need to share God's love with others, I mean, they probably already know all about him, right?  But I WAS out of my comfort zone, and I LIKED it!!  So maybe, just maybe, this will give me the courage to reach out in other ways too.