Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Right Where I Want to Be

I should probably be studying right now, but I just couldn't make myself do it.  

The kids and I cleaned the house today (okay, only one floor, but it was the main floor, and it was really messy).  Then we spent the afternoon bouncing around Cosmic Jump with a whole bunch of friends from my morning for moms bible study, followed up by ice cream.  Tonight we head to the ball field to watch Nate's little league team, one of our favorite summer activities.

And well, frankly, the day has just been too good to ruin it with studying.  So I'm not going to, at least not yet.  

It was a great day with the kids.  I love the time we get to spend together.  I feel more than blessed to get to stay at home with them.  Even though there are times when it is the hardest thing I have ever done in my life.  Even though there are times I feel hugely under appreciated and taken for granted.  Even though I may occasionally dream of getting to go to work for 8 hours a day and letting someone else train my children in the way they should go.  Those days really are few and far between.  I love being the one who is there to tell them where they left that item they are looking for.  I love being the one they come to when they have a question, need a hug or just want to hang out.  I love staying at home with my kids.  Yes, there are hard days, but today was a great day!  In fact it started last night.

Erik is traveling this week and last night after showers and baths and teeth were brushed my kids started arguing.  I, of course, was instantly annoyed until I found out what they were arguing about.  They were arguing about who got to sleep in mommy's bed that night.  You see when Daddy is gone his side of the bed is fair game.  Some nights  it remains empty but not last night.  Last night, they all wanted that spot.   It warmed my very soul knowing they still treasured me, they still wanted to be with me, that even though they are growing up way too fast, time with momma is still something special.  So we set a schedule and filled the spot until Dad comes home.  My week is full, days and nights, with the 3 kids I love most in this world.  Would I trade this job for anything else in the world?  Not on your life!  I am right where I want to be!