Tuesday, April 23, 2013

He Is Enough

I am an emotional girl.

I feel a lot.  Just ask my husband.

I have spent a fair amount of my life believing that emotions = truth.  That what I am feeling is true simply because I feel it.  That my feelings are justified and should be validated.  No one can argue with what I am feeling right?  I feel ________.  It is a fact.  It is true.  That is how I feel.  No one else can tell me how I should or should not feel.  

I have spent the majority of my life believing that.

But what if that isn't true?

What if emotions don't equal truth?

There are times I feel like Erik has said hurtful things to me, when there was no ill intent on his part.  I misinterpreted his words.  My feelings, my emotions did not reflect the truth.

There are times I feel left out, when this is simply not the case.  No one intentional left me out.  Perhaps I wasn't involved in the get together because I wasn't involved in the events that led up to it.  Perhaps they needed a small group for a specific reason, whatever the case, no one intentional left me out.  My feelings, my emotions, did not reflect the truth.

Sometimes my feelings, my emotions do NOT equal truth.  They equal a lie.  

A lie the evil one desperately wants me to believe.  Satan uses emotions like this, at least in my life, to redefine truth.  To turn my eyes from what is REALLY true, to what he wants me to believe is true. 

I am not implying that all emotions are wrong.  That we shouldn't feel or that emotions shouldn't be validated.  No where in scripture does it tells us not to have emotions.  We were created to be emotional beings.  Jesus was an emotional being.  There were times he felt angry, he felt lonely, he felt  betrayed.  But he didn't use those emotions to define his truth.  There was only one truth to him.  

The truth is that He is all we need. 

Yes, we will feel hurt.  Jesus did too.  But the truth is that He is all we need, He is enough.  Yes, we will feel lonely.  Jesus did too.  But the truth is  He is all we need.  He is enough.  Yes, we will feel sad, disappointed, angry and at times abandoned.  Jesus did too.  But the truth is He is all we need.  He will never abandon us.  He will never hurt us.  He is enough no matter what emotion we are feeling. The truth is He is enough to get us through that feeling and back to what is true.  

You are loved.  You are not alone.  Jesus is all you need.  He is enough.