Tuesday, January 21, 2014


There is this word that I have heard over and over again in my Christian walk.  They talk about it A LOT at school.

Tension.  Holding something in balance between two extremes (that is my own definition - not Webster's).

There is a tension in the way I parent my children, as Erik and I try to balance being too strict with being far too lenient.

There is a tension in the way I balance my life right now, giving as much as I possibly can to my husband and children while still answering the call God has placed on my heart.  A call which takes me out of the home and pulls time away from my family.

There is another tension that I have struggled with a lot the last few years.  The tension of faith verses works.  We are saved by faith and faith alone, but the Bible is also very clear that our actions, our obedience, our works are also very important.  So how do we balance our faith with our works.  Which is more important?  Are they both important or does only one of them truly matter?

I posted some of my thoughts and recent discoveries about this tension at Blogs by Christian Women.  I would love for you to stop by and check it out (you are welcome to click on over even if you aren't a woman!)