Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Who Do YOU Say He Is?

"But what about you... who do you say I am?"

I have been thinking about this phrase for quite some time now.  Ever since my pastor first preached on it so many months ago, when he was in Luke chapter 9.  Nearly a year later he has finally made it to Luke 17.  There is just no rushing the word of God!

But back to my point.  In Luke 9, Jesus asks this question to Peter, "But what about you, who do YOU say I am."  The truth of the matter though, is I think he is asking this question to each of us.  And each one of us has to decide for ourselves who WE think he is.  

To many, Jesus of Nazareth is a prophet, a wise man of extraordinary morals.  He lived a legendary life and is no doubt someone to be admired.  But that is about it.  Truth be told, they spend very little time thinking about him at all.  And He has very little influence in their life.

The thing is Jesus never wanted to be admired.  I came across this idea in my reading for seminary this week.  It was never Jesus intention to be "admired".  That was never his desire, not when he was alive and walking this earth, and not now.  He doesn't want our admiration, he wants our devotion.  He wants us to be like him.  To be wise.  To be people of extraordinary morals.  Just like he was.  He wants us to be people other people admire.  Not only admire but want to be like!  And then when they ask us, what it is that makes us who we are, where our hope comes from, where our wisdom and light comes from, we point them straight to him.  That is what he wants.  Not admiration, but full, 100% devotion.  A life lived in relationship with him.  A life dedicated to him.  

Who do YOU say he is?

Is he someone you admire? Or is he more than that?  Is he someone you are willing to give your life to?  Someone you are willing to emulate?  Someone you are in relationship with?  Maybe he is someone you spend very little time thinking about.  If that is the case I encourage you to read through one of the gospels.  Really look at this man.  And then decide for yourself who YOU think he is.