Friday, February 7, 2014

Chasing A Dream

It is just after 6 am.  

This is the 4th day this week I crawled out of bed when the first number on the clock started with a 5.

I am NOT a morning person.  Some people are.  I am not.

This is also the 4th day this week my kids will not be in school.  We had 3 snow days that blended in to a teacher work day that will blend in to the weekend.  

They already have 2 days scheduled off for next week. 

I love my kids.  

I love sledding, playing board games, watching movies, just hanging out.

But I also have dreams, commitments, and obligations. 

One class may have been canceled on Tuesday but online classes don't get snow days, bloggers don't get snow days, I still speak on Sunday and the message needs to be written, I still have 2,500 more pages to read.  

So I have been waking up obscenely early (at least for me).  So I can "work" while the kids still sleep and "play" while they are awake.

I'm tired.  Very, very tired, and it is technically only the first week of school.

Don't for a minute think that chasing your dream is going to be easy.  Don't think you can accomplish your goals in your spare time.  Dreams take sacrifice, dreams take commitment.  

But they are so very, very worth it.

I don't wish for more hours in the day. 

God has given me all the time I need to accomplish what he has planned for me to do.  It just means I might not get to sleep as much as I would like, watch TV as much as I would like.  Just sit as much as I would like.

But that's okay, because  I am chasing a dream.  

I'm doing what God has asked me to do.

I guess I better get to work.  I have a dream to chase!